Elijah's Army Ministries  'Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:'Malachi 4:5
Teaching 'The Church' to see miracles, healing, deliverance & operate in the gifts of GOD, through them!

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     Elijah was a man trained in the Wilderness, as was John The Baptist. Nothing is known about him except he was a Tishbite. He was from a place called Tishbe in the area of Gilead, about 22 miles south of the Sea Of Galilee.

     Often, GOD trains those HE wants to use mightily from the view of man. GOD trains them the way HE wants them to GOD so they learn not to seek the approval of man. To desire to be accepted by those in spiritual authority at any time in history, is to decide to accept being CONFORMED into the image of what the leaders of that time... believe you should be. GOD prefers to TRAIN ... rather than RE-TRAIN. A clean slate over one endoctrinated in traditions of man.

      Just as JESUS nor John did not conform to the standards of accepted religious tradition and attitudes, those GOD is going to use in the end times must stand apart. March to the beat of a different drummer, so to speak. 

     Often when GOD directs you to do something it is never in opposition to HIS word, but often it will rub those who are comfortable in their current spiritual traditions, the wrong way. 

     GOD is in the process of bringing forth a people who will operate in the power of Elijah, proclaim the words of GOD and seek to turn the hearts of the lost sheep back to the FATHER.

     They will strive to try to show those bound in fulfilling their own desires, who are slaves to the Lusts Of The Flesh, the Lusts of the Eyes and Pride of Life, to repent (to turn about from those sins) before it's too late. So many, even in the church, do not have a true relationship with GOD. 

       This power and anointing of GOD is here operating on earth right now. HE's sending HIS power to show HE is real, and HE will use it to confirm the WORDS spoken by HIS servants. Whether people listen or not, is not the servants' problem. Honestly, most church leaders will refuse to listen.

       The servants will simply deliver the message and move on. As the prophets of OLD used too.

       This site is to start you on the road to learning how to REACH A LOST WORLD and see GOD confirm HIS word through you. Soon, the message of GOD will be done 1-on-1, not in a building. I will show below what to watch, read and listen to, that will DISCIPLE you to do the works JESUS and Elijah have done.

      I have many avenues for training, though I believe one day I will have a building for training those who are willing to learn how to operate in GOD's power. I will provide LINKS on my site to various places or teachings for those hungry to get started. I've successfully seen many Christians flowing in healing through the video links, teachings & prayers on this site.
      I do have teaching and prayers that are unique and bring freedom, which is important for anyone wanting to step out into the calling of a true Christian and fulfill the 'GREAT COMMISSION'. My ministry started with praying for SRA victims and for healing/miracles. GOD was faithful.
     However, I also will send interested individuals to various websites or even e-mail documents for moving forward. I would love it if this website had the ability to host .PDF's for people to read.
     This is why I will provide links to a page I setup in 2011, though the teachings were written in 2002-2008 under my previous ministry BROKEN CHAINS MINISTRY which was hosted by INJESUS.com. I saw a lot of healing and deliverance through that ministry. Often it was to MPD/DID/BIPOLAR which are often found to be RITUAL ABUSE VICTIMS.
      Yes,  some of the teaching needs updated with bits of revelation I've been given over the years, but as a whole they are sound. If you have any specific teaching you want clarification or a specific update, just email me. I'd be glad to throw that on the top of my 'to-do' list.

     THE LINKS ABOVE - I was trained by the HAPPY HUNTERS in their 14 hours on HOW TO HEAL THE SICK videos, as well as in person.
Their daughter JOAN HUNTER has carried on and even been given more from GOD. THings I now use. I suggest you go to her site and BUY THE 7 HOUR DVD and the workbook. For those strapped I have included LINKS on teh LINKS PAGE...to watch the 7 hours free.
     For those interested in doing classes and teaching larger numbers, here is the direct link: http://joanhunter.org/store
     I also give the PRAYERS TO BREAK THE LEGAL RIGHTS OF THE ENEMY for those under attack, need deliverance or need a MIRACLE.
     I will later post a SHORTER version that I use just to pray for the sick, but to be SAFE I prefer to use the BIG ones. Especially when dealing with
Cancer, Heart attack, diabetes, etc...
      For ANYTHING SERIOUS... I suggest you do all the prayers. This is what I do and see MANY miracles/healing.
                                                                    Here's what I have to offer to Churches/Ministries:

                           PRAYER/HEALING FOR THE CONGREGATION: We will come to minister and lead the church/group through
                                                prayers breaking rights, then praying for the people to see miracles. This can be done 2 ways:
           1) COMPLETE TEACHING SERIES - I will suggest a book to give basic understanding of the enemies rights before I come.
                           This can be taught by any bible teacher, since it is all bible based, so time won't be wasted in debate or lengthy explanations
                           when I get there.  We'll be able to move forward and see people set free and moving towards seeing freedom. 
                           This is best done on weekends, starting on a Friday night, continuing Saturday from 1pm-8pm.                            
           2) MATURE CHURCH ONE DAY PRAYERS/HEALING SERVICE - This is for churches where they already understand most of the information
                           found in the book THE BONDAGE BREAKERS by Neil Anderson, and are ready just to go though DEEPER prayers... quickly.
                           Saturdays are what I suggest for this. Start after lunch and provide a short break with sandwiches in the evening, then finish up
                           about 8pm. I will stay and continue praying as long as people have needs. TRAINING THE PASTOR & MEMBERS IS MY
                           GOAL! Saturdays are best for this and will take about 1.5-2 hours to do the prayers...and then pray for the sick!

TEACHING/TRAINING: There are different ways to go with this depending on the desire of the Pastor, can be done to suit church needs.

           1) TRAINING TO BE SOUL WINNERS & BUILD MEMBERSHIP: I used the Charles & Francis Hunter 'World Evangelism CENSUS' program years
               ago. This is a non-confrontational way of leading people through sinners prayers at their front doors, praying for people and showing the
               love of GOD to those who are lost or THINK they got saved. This is done in the form of a CENSUS asking questions to residents about what
               they believe about GOD.  You get them to simply 'Rededicate their hearts to JESUS by asking them to join you in a prayer thanking HIM for
               all HE's done for them. Catholics, Baptists (who've never said a sinners prayer) and all other denominations willingly pray with the person.
               This is in groups of 2 or 3, as suggested in the bible, and no pressure to enter the house. A handout with your church information goes into
               the hands of the people with your schedule and contact information. Tens of thousands of people across America gave their hearts the last
               time this was done.  (That was about 15 years ago). I would also suggest the church set up 1 night a week to watch JOAN HUNTER'S
              Youtube series to learn how to heal the sick. That is 8 - 1 hour shows. When you pray with someone to get saved, of course you MUST ask
              them if you can pray for them and honestly, most people don't know how to pray for the sick. I love the Hunters teachings as well. I have
              the 7 hour and the INTENSIVE videos as well.
                      I have my own EVANGELISTIC CENSUS that is to be modified for you city/area. SIMPLE and works great!

              2) TEACHING ON SPIRITUAL WARFARE: There are many subjects that can be discussed in advance and taught to the congregation.
              Most are touched on in the BREAKING LEGAL RIGHTS OF THE ENEMY done during the teaching/prayer series, BUT deeper teaching can
              be dealt with and then followed by GROUP PRAYER. Such as 'ISSUES OF THE HEART'  such as bitterness, un-forgiveness. The doorways
              of INSECURITY, INFERIORITY, WORTHLESSNESS that keep people bound.
                  How witches, satanists attack and how to deal with them CORRECTLY! Many 'ministries' teach to send the curses back where they came
              from. Sometimes 7 times worse. In truth the Christian doing this is doing the same witchcraft that the person was who attacked them.
              There is a biblical way to handle it and bring them into the kingdom. I give out prayers to all attendees on how to break the power of words,
              curses and spells sent against them, and their families... as well as words spoken over them daily.
                                                            These PRAYERS have PROVEN results all over the world!

              apart both in ministry and person life? I've gone into many churches and met with Pastors and Elders, discerning the areas of attack, the
              people involved, and how to close the doors. We will teach how to WAR effectively and see a turnaround in the ministry.

POLTERGEIST & ENTITY INFESTATION: Believe it or not this is a common problem, created by 'wolves in sheep's clothing' in churches because
              those wolves are into the occult. I actually have teaching for those who want to tackle this themselves. How to close doorways for the entities.
              What to look for. How to cleanse a ministry/house. There is a correct way to dedicate a church/property to GOD to get the religious spirits,
              entities off of the property.    

  My GOAL IN MINISTRY --- Is to train up the church to do the works given in the GREAT COMMISSION. To help the Pastors in discipling the people
into operating in the gifts, so they can do their part in reaching the lost in their neighborhoods. The Pastors are asked to be involved in prayer as I do it. A laying on of Hands will be done for leaders, as well as praying for GOD to release gifts or to increases in the spiritual gifts. HE of course decides 'to whom' and 'to what level'.
        I want to help churches out into their neighborhoods knocking on doors and showing the LOVE of CHRIST... as well as showing people the
             GIFTS AND POWER OF GOD, which were not just for the Apostles. When you show love ... it draws them in!

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