Elijah's Army Ministries  'Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:'Malachi 4:5
Teaching 'The Church' to see miracles, healing, deliverance & operate in the gifts of GOD, through them!

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                                                                                                            MY HISTORY

     After radically getting saved at a local AOG church, I heard stories by the Pastor who spent most of his life as a Miracle Evangelist.
     I'd listen listen to his stories of cancer dropping off of faces and hundreds coming out of wheel chairs. I hungered to see GOD move like that.
I was there every time the door opened. I volunteered to mow the massive ministry area, paint walls, clean inside the sanctuary. Anything that I could do for the kingdom of GOD. But, I still felt an emptiness because there was no move of GOD in his church anymore. The hunger grew.
     I heard of a ministry team called 'THE HAPPY HUNTERS'. Charles and Francis Hunter. I watched their videos on HOW TO HEAL THE SICK. I got their books. I soaked in everything like a dry sponge. They came to Buckhannon and I was there. They also traveled with Dr. & Norma Leroy who taught WHAT ORGAN NEEDED SPOKEN... to see a miracle, after all, if you don't know what is is not functioning right in the body, how can you 'speak those things as though they are'? Creative Miracles are the key.
     Let's say, if someone says "I have diabetes"... well, they need a new pancreas.
     If they have AIDS, they need a lot of things but cursing the virus and commanding it to die, as well as speaking a NEW IMMUNE SYSTEM is a necessity. We must speak those things into existence!
     Later, I participated in their 1980 NATIONAL EVANGELISTIC CENSUS which brought thousands into the kingdom. I saw people from all types of churches dedicate their hearts to JESUS and saw miracles at their front doors. I felt like I was in heaven!
    I started online ministry using AOL MESSENGER which was very tedious, yet I saw miracles and deliverance typing words for them to speak. Sometimes I'd call and pray with them afterwards. Many migraines and headaches were healed as I taught them to break the arrows sent forth from the enemy.  I learned spiritual warfare in the trenches with nobody around to help. GOD showed me how and why the attacks came. How to deal with them. I did the AOL Instant Messenger for years.
     During the years on AOL I was forced to put what the LORD had taught me into print so I could email it to people. MUCH easier than typing it out repeatedly in the Instant Messenger. Or even copy/pasting it into the chat box and sending it at the speed they could say it. ctually a lot of work.
     Sometimes I do teaching at local churches, I occasionally get asked to come up front and pray with the Pastors. Mainly, I minister in stores, on the street to people who are clearly suffering. Praying for the sick still brought me much joy, seeing people set free. Showing them how much GOD loves them.
     I've run the prayer tent at JESUSFEST for the last 3 years on the main street of Clarksburg, WV.
     I've ministered in Messianic Jewish Congregations in other states. It is such a blessing to see the excitement when GOD shows up and the Jewish people get to see HE is still around. You might want to read the TESTIMONY SECTION to hear some of the great stories of healing/miracles.
     Over the years I've ministered to those who needed real deliverance. Strange voices coming out of them, claiming rights to the people's souls. Children oppressed by entities at night. Houses with poltergeists.
     I've been in stores, and someone walk up to me and a demon speak out of them telling me that they KNOW who I am...and I dealt with them before. After asking them if they want to have another go at it, they leave. I've been cloaked by GOD from eyes of possessed people who were seeking to kill me. They ended up standing right beside me saying to the demon "Where is he? I can't see him?" and then walking off in a huff.
Clearly they were getting instructions as to where I was, but they couldn't see me. PRAISE GOD!
     I don't send out requests to minister. When I do get led to minister somewhere, I make them agree NOT to recommend me to others. I only want to go where GOD sends me. My meets are set up in 'Road to Damascus' type encounters and telling the Pastor about his situation and offering to help.
     My ministry has led me to a lot of MPD/DID/Ritual Abuse victims. GOD has used me to keep many of them alive. That spirit of suicide and programming to kill themselves, is powerful, but can be routed out. Sadly, most are invited to LEAVE the churches they visit... and to them it's like GOD HIMSELF is rejecting them.
     I call myself GODS' DONKEY. Like GOD spoke out of Balam's donkey, I allow HIM to use me as HE sees fit.