Elijah's Army Ministries  'Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:'Malachi 4:5
Teaching 'The Church' to see miracles, healing, deliverance & operate in the gifts of GOD, through them!

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    You don't need to shout or say it REALLY loud. Normal voice level is fine. Spirit means "wind" or "breath"...so as you repeat the prayers ... it's not unusual for you to feel pressure building inside you...and then coming out in the form of a yawn, belch, cough, sneeze or some other bodily release of air or "wind".

     If you feel like you can yawn or any of those other things... STOP saying the prayers long enough to let the "things" go. Then continue saying the prayers from where-ever you left off. It's NO PROBLEM!

   You can include your children that are 'under the age of accountability' in the prayers breaking rights.    

   You only have legal rights over yourself and children 13 and under. The age of accountability in the bible was approx. 13 years old. This is where they were old enough to pay for their own mistakes/sins and to actually be taken into marriage.

    Salvation cannot come until you are over the age of accountability. You can be dedicated and you can dedicate yourself, but Salvation is an adult decision. So, children 13 and over need to do these themselves.

    If a child under 13 dies, it goes to heaven anyway and the parents are accountable for the actions.

    Nobody should have a problem saying a prayer re-dedicating their hearts … IF they are really saved.

    Sometimes I say a sinner’s prayer with people… 3 or 4 times a day. Hasn’t hurt me yet.

    If someone gets mad and confrontational about saying a prayer to rededicate their hearts…there are deeper issues that are not seen and you should back-off.

    Besides, many churches try to tell people they are saved from some pretty UN-BIBLICAL doctrines anyway. Believe, repent, confess and receive the free gift of salvation...  is the biblical way. Also forgive or you will not be forgiven. So, FORGIVE is a big one.

    Forgive yourself, other people and forgive GOD… for the things you blamed GOD for in your past. Even though HE does not need forgiven, it’s more of a thing for YOU TO CONFESS and get into your heart. In truth, you’re dealing with asking GOD to forgive you for ‘ANGER AT GOD’.

    HE gets blamed for a lot that the devil does. 


    IF SOMEONE MANIFESTS A DEMON… while they’re praying… it’s not that hard to get them free.

    You have authority in JESUS name and they must obey. Fear is your enemy.

    At the bottom of these prayers I will include a short tutorial on how to cast out demons. I actually enjoy it. It was said that on my tombstone it will say “He tormented demons before their time”. I do.




"I believe JESUS CHRIST is the son of GOD, who died for my sins & rose 3 days later... paying the price so I can receive forgiveness of my sins and obtain eternal salvation. I ask FATHER GOD to forgive me, in JESUS' name, for all sins which I have committed against HIM... other people and myself. I now confess JESUS as my only LORD and savior. I will not serve any other gods. I ask JESUS to come into my heart and make me the person HE wants me to be. Thank you GOD for saving me!!"



    “FATHER GOD, I ask in JESUS' name that YOU forgive me for sins I've committed against YOU, myself and other people. I also ask you to forgive me for allowing spirits which are not of YOUR kingdom... to manifest in my life... including PRIDE, the Crown of Pride, prejudice, racism, lies, kleptomania/stealing, bitterness, un-forgiveness, anger, rage, idolatry, violence, murder, coveting, jealousy, worshipping false gods, greed, heaviness, defeat, despair, depression, religious spirits including Pharisees and Sadducees, anxiety, abortion, suicide, nightmares, pity, self-pity, all forms of infirmities, all 'acts of Cain', witchcraft, control, poverty, lack, want, death, accidental death, destruction, failure, fear of failure, rejection, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, slothfulness, hatred of self, guilt, slumber, profanity, vulgarity, blaspheme, using the LORD's name in vain, obesity, gluttony, pain, defiance, stubbornness, rebellion, division, seducing spirits and all forms of bondage of the flesh INCLUDING perversion, lust, fantasy, un-cleanliness, masturbation, sodomy, oral sex, pornography, homosexuality, bestiality, adultery, molestation, rape, incest, voyeurism, group sex, bondage (Drug abuse & Alcoholism), harlotry, whoredom, prostitution. I do not want these spirits and REFUSE to serve them.

     I refuse to serve the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life. I want to serve GOD. The bible says "If you resist the devil he will flee". I am going to resist, renounce, rebuke and cast all of those spirits and all spirits associated with them... out of my life. I now close the doorways and ask GOD to help me be strong in resisting them each time they try to tempt me. I now, in JESUS' name, bind all spirits named and those which came in through my personal sins, with the chains of CHRIST and cast them... muted... to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I ask GOD to send ministering angels to help remove these spirits and tear down the strongholds... and the deep roots that they have created. I COMMAND THOSE SPIRITS TO GO IN JESUS NAME!



     "I now forgive all of my forefathers, all sides of my family ... back to Adam & Eve... for sins they committed which passed curses, judgments and sickness down to myself and my. I ask Father GOD... in JESUS' name, to forgive my forefathers for their iniquities which have been an offense or abomination to HIS eyes, and has caused the iniquities & curses to be passed down to myself, my spouse & my children. I now ask FATHER GOD... in JESUS' name... that you forgive my children & myself for the sins of our fathers... as well as those received through marriage... and to lift those generational curses and judgments off of our lives and from my future generations. I thank you GOD for forgiving us, and cleansing us from the iniquities of

our fathers & removing the curses from the spirit realm. I thank you that JESUS became a curse for us by being hung on a tree... and HE carried those sins on the cross for us!! Thank You, JESUS! Amen"



    "I ask, in JESUS' name, for FATHER GOD to forgive me and my children … and my ancestors for any involvement in false religions, majik or the occult... known or unknown... which involved ungodly oaths, cursing, sacrifices, ungodly prayers, dedications, chants, or rituals to foreign gods. This includes any family involvement in Catholicism, witchcraft, Idolatry, satanism, Rosacruz, crowleyism, Jehovah witnesses, Mormons, Free Masonry/Masonic Lodge, Shriner, Eastern Star, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Muslim/Nation of Islam, New Age, Hare-Krishna, Christian Science, Silva Mind Control, Voodoo, Wicca, Santeria, Bride Of Satan, Anti-Christ, A Course in Miracles and any other religion not of GOD. I ask forgiveness in JESUS name, for all ungodly oaths, dedications & words spoken over my children and myself … or spoken by me or my parents, grandparents, relatives, spouse, ex-spouse ...knowingly or unknowingly. The word of GOD tells me to worship only the Holy Trinity ... and only Them will I worship. I also ask for forgiveness for inner vows I have spoken over myself... to protect myself from feeling rejected or like a failure. I now renounce, bind & break the power of all inner vows, ungodly dedications & oaths spoken over my children and myself ... and I cast all of those words, oaths & dedications to the bottom of the sea of forgetfulness until the judgment seat of CHRIST... powerless & void. I now ask GOD to bind all demonic powers... and entities which may have been placed into my children or myself ...or given to us through those ungodly dedications... with the chains of CHRIST... and cast them to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place... muted ...until the great judgment seat of CHRIST. I do not want any power, knowledge or abilities that are not from GOD and I will not serve any foreign gods. I renounce and bind all watchers placed into my eyes and witches dedicated to me. They must GO in Jesus name. I do not want their knowledge or abilities. All those spirits named, and those related to them or that came in through things I… or my ancestors have done, NOW have no legal right to stay... and I ask FATHER GOD to remove them!! GO IN JESUS name!"



"Father GOD, I forgive all those who have done wrong to my family and myself which may have caused un-forgiveness, anger, guilt, rejection, fear, murder, hatred of men, self- hatred, coveting, vengeance, abandonment, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, jealousy & bitterness in my heart. I forgive all those who may have intentionally or un-intentionally caused me, my family or anyone I care about... pain, hurt, rejection, fear... or that may have gossiped about us, stolen from us, used us, abused us , lied about us or in any way wronged us. I refuse to hold those sins in my heart and to let the pain destroy me. As I forgive all those people for everything they did to me and those I love... just like JESUS did... I release the bad memories and the pain to GOD. I refuse to hold bitterness, un-forgivness, anger, rejection or any other ungodly feelings against these people. I now release all un-forgiveness, bitterness, rejection, vengeance & anger out of my heart and ask GOD to fill those places with LOVE for those people. I ask you LORD to deal with their hearts and bring them into YOUR kingdom. I ask YOU, FATHER GOD, in JESUS' name, to forgive those who did wrong to my family... those I love.... and to me. I ask YOU to convict them of all sins that separate them from you. Now, I ask all those people who I have held un-forgiveness and bad feelings against, alive and dead, to forgive me. I am sorry and repent. I forgive them... I ask them to forgive me.

     I also ask them to forgive me for things I have said or done to them in the past... out of my bitterness, anger, un-forgiveness, rejection, self-pity or vengeance. I repent... and ask you to please forgive me FATHER, in JESUS' name... for any cursing I may have done... and for allowing bitterness, anger, rejection, unforgiveness, jealousy, vengeance... and any other sin into my heart and to manifest in my life.

      FATHER GOD please forgive me, in JESUS name, for SELF-HATRED, UNFORGIVENESS and GUILT I have held against MYSELF! I now forgive MYSELF for the things I have done in my life that has made myself… or those that I love suffer. I am not perfect and have made mistakes. GOD will forgive me so WHO AM I ...to hold self-hatred, unforgiveness and anger against myself? IF GOD FORGIVENESS ME... who can condemn me??? Please forgive me FATHER GOD, in JESUS' name for anger I may have held in my heart towards YOU when I felt abandoned, used or cheated. IT was not your fault for the pain and suffering I... or my loved ones went through. IT WAS NOT YOUR PLAN and it was NOT YOUR FAULT! Please forgive me FATHER GOD, in JESUS name for allowing Anger At GOD, Defiance, rebellion, stubbornness, fear of rejection, lies, fear of rejection by GOD, self-pity, guilt, doubt, fear profanity, using your name in vain, blaspheme or any other sin against YOU when I blamed YOU for suffering and pain. Unlike the Old Testament covenant of LAW and WRATH... the NEW COVENANT is one of GRACE. Unmerited forgiveness and LOVE... through faith in CHRIST. Thank you JESUS! YOU are not a GOD of vengeance but of LOVE, PATIENCE and LONG-SUFFERING. YOUR new covenant is one of GRACE. Pain, death and suffering come from the enemy. As promised in YOUR word... I now receive that UNMERITED FAVOR and FORGIVENESS for my sins of the heart... as I FORGIVE YOU and those who hurt me ... and those that I love. 

    What people did to me or those I love, was sin. I release those people and nail those sins to the cross.

     I now break all legal rights for demons to stay based on bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, vengeance or any other sins held in my heart against other people... based on Anger At GOD... and based on self-hatred, guilt and anger at myself. I now, in JESUS' name, bind all the spirits that I named...as well as those allowed in though my sins... and command them to leave me and go to GOD's chosen waste place... as GOD wants to send them... until the judgment seat of CHRIST! AMEN!!!"



"I ask my mother, father, and heavenly FATHER to forgive me, in JESUS' name, for disrespect & not honoring them... and/or cursing them for not doing what I thought they should do... or for the correction they may have used on me or my family. I ask all those in authority over me who I have rebelled against or defied to forgive me for not honoring them. Mother, Father and heavenly FATHER ... I honor all of you and will respect you as the Word of GOD tells me to. I submit to your GOD given authority over me. Amen" NOTE: In this ... again.. it can't hurt to repent or ask forgiveness for something you didn't do. Missing something CAN hurt you later. MANY people who contact me... have memories start to HAUNT them from childhood they had no recollection of previously. These painful events were buried deep in their heads and hearts. Even if you don't believe it applies... just go ahead and ask forgiveness for it.



“Father GOD, Please forgive me in JESUS' name, for all participation in all sexual activities or abuse ...done to me or by me ... willingly or unwillingly... knowingly or unknowingly... including rape, molestation, fantasy/role playing, telephone sex, group sex, bondage, swinging, sadism, harlotry, prostitution, masochism, sodomy, adultery, whoredoms, incest, bestiality, homosexuality, coveting, voyeurism, Lust, perversion, masturbation, oral sex, watching pornography, writing pornography, making pornography.. and for falling into sins of the heart by allowing lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life to manifest in my life. I ask those people who I may have hurt in any act ...to please forgive me, and I ask GOD to heal their inner wounds. I forgive all those who abused, used or hurt me in any sexual, verbal or physical fashion. I ask you GOD to heal the pain in my heart and lead those people into YOUR kingdom. I also ask forgiveness FATHER GOD, in JESUS' name, for all sexual activities, known or unknown, with 'spiritual beings' ... including Incubus & Succubus. I do NOT want anything to touch me that is not of GOD's kingdom. I ask you LORD to bind all those things around me or my home... that may attack me or my family... and put them where you want them... with the chains of CHRIST... muted... until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I ask you LORD to heal the mental, emotional and physical damage that occurred during those acts. I thank you for revealing and healing the painful memories as I give them to you. I now bind all those spirits, roots and blocks... received through all those sins named above with the chains of CHRIST, muted, and command them to go to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place... until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I also renounce and ask forgiveness for allowing the related spirits to manifest in my heart and hold me deeper in "spiritual bondage" to the other spirits... including spirits of GUILT, LIES, REJECTION, FEAR OF MAN, FEAR, FEAR OF REJECTION, coveting, ABANDONMENT, FEAR OF ABANDONMENT, BONDAGE, SELF-HATRED, SELF-PITY, SELF-DESTRUCTION, DISASSOCIATION, CUTTING, SUICIDE, ANXIETY, ALCOHOLISM, and DRUG ABUSE. I am NOT to blame for the abuse done to me... AND I AM FORGIVEN for the things I did before I accepted CHRIST as my LORD and SAVIOR. I am cleansed from my sins by the "blood of the lamb". I am CLEAN and will not accept GUILT & condemnation from the kingdom of darkness... or listen to their lies and live in fear and guilt any longer. I ACCEPT THE TOTAL FREEDOM IN CHRIST! I bind all those spirits named with the chains of CHRIST... muted... and cast them to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I COMMAND THOSE SPIRITS TO GO IN JESUS NAME!!!



    "In JESUS's name, I ask FATHER GOD to forgive me for allowing soul-ties to be created to me... or by me..and to my children and for all sins which created un-godly soul-ties. I also ask forgiveness of any sins... known or unknown, which may have caused my soul to become fragmented. The bible tells us only to be one with GOD... so I now break all soul-ties with all humans alive and dead. I break ungodly soul-ties with my friends... with ex-friends... with my spouse & ex-spouse or fiancés'... with my mother and father, in-laws, ex-in-laws, children, relatives & forefathers ...also my pastors and ex-pastors ... my old girlfriends/boyfriends & sex partners... and ties with strange people which were passed to me through past relationships and sex partners... promises & oaths or through marriage. I ask you LORD to break all ungodly soul-ties from us... to people bound by the spirit of Orion. I ask GOD to break all soul-ties to me & my children I named... and I ask GOD, in JESUS name to cleanse the pieces of our fragmented souls before allowing them to return to me or back to the other persons.

    I now release all of the pieces of any fragmented souls which may be attached to me and command them to return to their owners. I now, in JESUS' name, call back all of the pieces of my fragmented soul which may have been separated during my life through acts, and relationships known & unknown. I now bind all spirits that came in through legal rights of being soul-tied or yoked to other people including Soul-vampires, bridging demons, mind control, telepathy, perversion, fantasy, lust, incest, homosexuality, un-cleanliness, control, masturbation, sodomy... and all the other related spirits... with the chains of CHRIST... and cast them...muted ... to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place until the judgment seat of CHRIST. Thank you GOD for 'restoring my soul'! Amen!"



     "In JESUS' name, I give all objects in the possession of other people which I or my children, at one time owned, purchased, or was given and had in our possession, to GOD. I renounce all ownership of all clothes, jewelry, pictures, money, furniture, crucifixes, religious objects and images, prayer beads, and personal items... and give them all to GOD. I also renounce ownership to all writing and autographs by us... given on any object... as well as any parts of our bodies being used to curse us including blood, hair, nails, teeth, eyelashes or any other parts... and I give them all to GOD. I ask you Father GOD, In JESUS' name to bind & break off the spirits which came through curses given legal rights through ownership of these objects. I also GIVE all items to you LORD... which were given to us by other people. I & my children no longer own any of them... and I give everything I own to YOU, LORD. These items no longer are tied to me... and satan's kingdom has lost the rights to attack my family and myself in JESUS name!!! I ask you Lord to sever the ties. I also ask GOD to reveal all items given to us... or in my home... which are cursed or used to attack or control us. Amen"



    "Father GOD, I have broken ownership of every object ... I now give notice that witchcraft, occult or voodoo curses which are being used against us are "nul and void"... powerless. Satan and his servants...have "no legal rights" to use these objects for curses... and any curses or words spoken over them will go to the new owner. In JESUS name, I ask you FATHER GOD to pour your shekinah glory over all dolls, candles or objects being used to curse me & my children ... and make them powerless. I also ask you FATHER GOD, in JESUS name, to bind all words, curses, chants and spells spoken against me and my family... through the voodoo or occult attacks...and cast them powerless to the bottom of the sea of forgetfulness until the judgment seat of CHRIST... and I ask YOU to bind all the spirits called up to send continuous attacks... with the chains of CHRIST and cast them ...muted...to the middle of YOUR chosen waste place... until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I now break the arrows and darts sent through those attacks against us... and bind them with the chains of CHRIST.... and chop the roots and blocks of the spirits on them.... that came through them... and cast them to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place... GO IN JESUS NAME!!! I also ask you FATHER GOD to "dust me & my children off" from any being in the spirit realm not of your kingdom and place them where they cannot return or harm others until the judgment seat of CHRIST."



     "Please forgive me FATHER GOD, in JESUS name.... for words, ungodly prayers or curses I have spoken against any human.. alive and dead ... knowingly or unknowingly. I break the power of those words, curses, ungodly prayers... and ask you LORD to remove them from the spirit realm ... to cast them to the bottom of the sea of forgetfulness until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I bind the spirits released through all ungodly oaths, prayers and curses... with the "chains of CHRIST"...against those other people... and cast them to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place...muted... until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I now command those spirits to leave all those people that were attacked ... which came thorough any words I've spoken... and GO IN JESUS' name!!! I ask you LORD to send ministering angels to remove those spirits and put them where you choose... with the chains of CHRIST... muted... until the judgment seat of CHRIST!" I also ask forgiveness FATHER GOD, for praying in any way which was not "godly"... and I ask YOU to handle this situation as YOU see best... and drawl those I've prayed for ...into YOUR kingdom... out of the darkness and bondage that holds them... and set them free the way YOU see fit. I ask you to show them by YOUR Holy Spirit... through conviction and love ... to see how sin has them bound in lies and bound for hell if they do not accept JESUS as their only LORD. I ask you to now FATHER GOD, in JESUS name to remove all judgments and legal rights to afflict myself, my children and my spouse... because of charismatic witchcraft, ungodly prayers, curses and words spoken... and remove those spirits from the spirit realm... and put them where you choose... muted... until the judgment seat of CHRIST. YOUR WILL BE DONE LORD. AMEN"



     "Please forgive me FATHER GOD, in JESUS' name, for being defiled by divination or by receiving and trusting words that were not from YOU. I now renounce and ask YOU FATHER GOD to remove all words spoken over my family, my ministry or myself which were not from YOU... out of the spirit realm and cast them to the bottom of the sea of forgetfulness... never to be heard from again. I ask you to speak to my heart what YOU want me to do for YOUR kingdom and send witnesses to confirm this truth and calling. If those words are of you... they will come to pass as long as I continue to walk the narrow path of seeking YOUR kingdom... and YOUR will for my life. I also ask forgiveness FATHER GOD, in JESUS' name, if I unknowingly received a false gift or anointing that was not of YOUR kingdom. I also ask forgiveness if I defiled or spoke to someone using spirits which were not of YOUR kingdom. I break the power of any words I spoke that were not of GOD... and ask YOU LORD to cast them powerless to the bottom of the sea of forgetfulness until the judgment seat of CHRIST. FATHER GOD, I do not want any gifts, abilities or receive any knowledge that is not of YOUR kingdom. I renounce all spirits received in my life that were transferred, received or obtained through being defiled...or by 'laying on of hands'... including spirits of false healing, false miracles, false tongues, false word of knowledge, false word of wisdom... as well as using familiar spirits, spirit guides, lies, fantasy, seducing spirits, Perversion, Lust, religious spirits, pride, Leviathans, divination, bridging demons, mind control, telepathy, astral projection and necromancy. I ask GOD to bind all spirits with the chains of CHRIST and cast them to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place.... muted... until the judgment seat of CHRIST. GO IN JESUS name! Amen!"



"Lord God, I renounce & ask forgiveness for all "Latent Abilities" given to me ... and my children ... through the generational line. I break all soul ties with my forefathers and those I've been sexually involved with. I ask for your forgiveness & cleansing from the sins of my forefathers and freedom from all generational curses which came through those sins giving the "Latent Abilities" a legal ground to stay. God, please break the chains and burn out all the "push-pins" , physical and spiritual, that hook me to all the "Latent Abilities" in me now... please, cleanse me with the blood of JESUS CHRIST!!! I also break the chains that lead to my children. I thank You Father for purifying and cleansing me and my children from these things. I also ask you to seal & break the doors in JESUS' name... and fill the voids with the blood of JESUS and the love of GOD. I "bind down" these spirits with the "Chains of Christ", and as the pins are dealt with ... I command these spirits not to manifest ... just to leave and go where GOD sends them. I ask you GOD, to burn out and continue removing the physical and spiritual push-pins, the spirits & the layers of "Latent Abilities" including Witchcraft, watchers in the eyes, infirmities, stubbornness, pride, sorcery, idolatry, necromancy, insanity, religious (Pharisee, Sadducee) slothfulness, lethargy, jezebel, Ahab, seducing spirits, paracism, bloodlust, murder, suicide, death, abortion, adultery, Osiris, anti-christ, sacrifice, barrenness, rebellion, defiance, stubbornness, control, déjà vu'. ...and as you remove the pins... I ask you to bind all the spirits on the pins placed into me & my children... through demonic rituals... with the "chains of CHRIST" and cast them muted, to the middle of YOUR chosen waste place. I give notice that all legal rights are broken...and I command those spirits to go now in JESUS' name into the waste places, muted…  until the Great White Throne Judgment Of GOD. I also ask you LORD to bind & break all weaves and filters placed onto me and my children's minds... & cast the words, weaves & filters into the deepest ocean until the Great White Throne Judgment Of GOD... and to deal with the spirits involved with them. I ask you GOD... to seal all the work done and being done.



    "I ask the LORD to burn out physical and spiritual push pins inserted into <full names of you and children> containing pre-programming, dormant spirits, latent abilities, spiritual blindness, spiritual deafness, astral projection, witchcraft, hypnosis, bridging demons, mind control, telepathy, post-hypnotic suggestions and any other spirits. I bind the bridging demons, telepathy and mind control, ASTRAL PROJECTION & hypnosis...and the others named, with the chains of CHRIST... that are on my family members... and I also bind those spirits that were on the pins... or associated with latent abilities ... placed into us ...with the chains of CHRIST... and cast them muted to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place... GO IN JESUS NAME!! Out of our minds ... our hearts, ears, eyes, and nervous systems! Burn the roots out LORD!!! I command those spirits to GO IN JESUS NAME!!! I ask YOU LORD to remove any words from my heart and my mind that were not from YOU... and replace them with YOUR will for my life. I will do what YOU want me to LORD... I dedicate my life to YOU and will go where you want me to go ... and say what you want me to say. I trust you LORD! I surrender all abilities, knowledge & personalities created in me ... that are not of you... to YOU...and ask you to remove them ... and restore me to how you created me to be.

    I SURRENDER ALL GIFTS that you gave me ... back YOU, LORD... for purification and cleansing. ... then I ask YOU to return them to me ... with the knowledge of how YOU want me to use them!" "

     IN JESUS NAME... I ask you LORD to tear down and break walls of rejection ... and the walls of protection... that I created around my heart... to keep from being hurt... and I ask you to rub in your balm of Gilead into those places... and heal them! In JESUS NAME, I break all those walls! I renounce all spirits allowed in or given to me ... with or without my knowledge... including spirits of rape, incest, bestiality, homosexual, witches, control, failure, fear of failure, fear of man, hatred of men, hatred of self, Jezebel, Ahab, spirit guides, familiar spirits, spiritual blindness, spiritual deafness, preprogramming, watchers, dragons, leviathans and ravens...I bind them all with the chains of CHRIST... muted... and cast them to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place until the judgment seat of CHRIST!!!

    I also renounce all generational spirit guides..and familiar spirits and those received through Ouija boards, playing Bloody Mary, crazy eights, Lighter than feather, candy-man and all other occult forms of rituals.. known or unknown... And I ask forgiveness for using them or allowing them to manifest. I bind all spirits in JESUS' Name with the chains of CHRIST...and cast them...muted to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place. GO IN JESUS NAME!!

     I also ask you LORD to crunch any armor demons ... and their armor, that are around me or my family... and have the angels sweep the ashes up and place them into your chosen waste place. I ask you LORD ...to deal with ruling princes ... including CHAOS, division, Orion, and failure... because I don't know how to deal with them. Thank YOU for removing them.



     I renounce, and ask you to forgive me GOD, IN JESUS name, for all forms of dimensional beings around me, on me or placed into me. I do not want any power, knowledge or abilities that do not come from GOD and I have broken the legal rights of the dedications and oaths that allowed them to be there... or for the doorways to be open. IN JESUS name I ask you LORD to bind, with the chains of CHRIST, all of the dimensional beings, gremlins, poltergeists, travelers, incubus, succubus, weir cats, griffins, gargoyles, dimensional watchers, ‘tiggers’, shape-shifters and all other forms of dimensional on my property, in my house, on my children and myself, or in my children or myself... back through the doors they came through... then I ask you to seal the doors with the blood of JESUS, to break the doors in JESUS name, and call forth angel of light. "I ask you LORD to bind all 'power demons' placed over my mind & my life ... giving power to the spirits and the strongholds... since all the rights are broken... and deal with them..and remove them since I don't know how. I ask you to remove them ALL and place them where they will not be released until the Judgment seat of CHRIST. I command all ruling princes including Chaos, Orion, Guilt, mind control, witchcraft, fears, rejection, division... and all others... to LEAVE ME and go where GOD sends them! I ask you LORD to seal the doorways with the blood of JESUS, break the doorways, in JESUS name!"



   Father GOD, I bind all physical, sexual, mental and emotional trauma done to me, whether intentional or accidental… as well as those I caused myself. It has no place in me any further. I bind all trauma and command it to go, in JESUS’ name, to GOD’s chosen waste place until the judgment seat of CHRIST.

    I now ask you JESUS, to release your PERFECT DNA into my body and restore it to the way you created Adam and Eve before they fell into sin. I command all of my DNA to come into line and be healed and perfect as JESUS is perfect, because JESUS carried all sicknesses  on the cross and removed the right for you to stay. Healing is the ‘children’s bread’. I am GOD’s child. Healing is mine. I receive it.

    I know bind all bad cellular memory. All memory of sickness and pain. All memory of suffering and abuse. I am FREE FROM THAT… and those memories must GO IN JESUS’ name, because JESUS has totally healed my heart, mind and body. I ask GOD to do a creative miracle in my body… to replace all the bad cellular memory with good memory. To heal all parts of my body that were not in line with the word-of GOD which says that I am healed! I want that memories of the pain to be cast to the same place you cast our sins when we accepted you, JESUS!

    Thank you JESUS… for restoring my body, healing me and paying the price for me to live with joy.


BREAKING CURSES & WORDS SPOKEN (Also… a Daily Prayer for deliverance/cleansing/protection)

     "In JESUS' name, I bind & break the power of curses, words & spells spoken against me, my spouse and my children... and all the words spoken into the spirit realm against our lives, our health, our ministries, and our finances ... are bound, broken and powerless... and I cast them to the bottom of the sea of forgetfulness until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I also ask you LORD, to break all the weaves off the minds of those named and cast those words spoken, which created the weaves to the bottom of the "Sea of Forgetfulness" until the Judgment seat of CHRIST... and ask you LORD to chop the spirits and roots of the weaves off of our minds...and cast them with the spirits attached to the middle of your chosen waste place until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I bind & the break arrows and darts sent to those named.... through those curses and words spoken... and I bind the spirits sent through those curses and words spoken and on the arrows & darts with the "Chains of Christ". I bind all of the spirits in the spirit realm called up to continually send attack against me, my spouse and my children,  with the chains of Christ... muted... and cast them to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place until the judgment seat of Christ.

    With the ‘chains of CHRIST’ I bind the spirits and roots of the spirits attacking us...and all the spirits which lost legal rights through the breaking of generational curses, soul ties, sins of the fathers, ungodly dedications and oaths, disrespect of parents and GOD, curses spoken, or through un-forgiveness... including the spirits of lies, confusion, pride, jealousy, bitterness, bridging demons, anger, lust, gluttony, witchcraft, rage, PRIDE, violence, insanity, POVERTY, LACK, WANT, failure, déjà vu', anxiety, fear, fear of death, mind control, telepathy, unclean, anger, defeat, destruction, despair, lethargy, barrenness, fear of failure, self-destruction, doubt, sacrifice, ASPHYXIA, depression, infirmity, rejection, fear of rejection, self-mutilation, anti-christ, fear of man, telepathy, perversion, suicide, death, nightmares, migraines, dream makers, dream shakers, dream weavers, religious spirits, sacrifice, rape, fear of rape, uncleanness, illusions, anorexia, bulimia, gluttony, obesity, slothfulness, cancer, accidental suicide, downs syndrome, pain, schizophrenia, fibromyalgia, heaviness, abortion, barrenness, loss of memory, Alzheimer’s, perversion, pity, masturbation, sodomy, perfectionism, stubbornness, doubt, defeat, defiance, rebellion, self-pity, Attention deficit disorder, accidental death, heart attack, stroke, angina, aneurysm, arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, seducing spirits, selfishness, division, greed & bondage... with the chains of CHRIST and cast them to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place until the judgment seat of CHRIST... GO IN JESUS NAME!!!

    In JESUS' name I ask you LORD to break and bind all the "roots and blocks" created by these spirits for their protection... and cast them to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place until the judgment seat of CHRIST. I also bind all familiar spirits which are around my home, my family and my personal items... with the chains of CHRIST. I command all those spirits, roots and blocks, arrows & darts... bound with the Chains Of CHRIST... to be muted.... and I cast them all together into GOD's chosen waste places... until the Great White Throne Judgment of GOD.  

    I ask you LORD to deal with any ruling princes over my house, my church and members of my family... since I do not know how to remove them or deal with them. Thank you LORD. Those spirits named that did not leave us due to legal rights... I bind them down with the CHAINS OF CHRIST for a season, and I bind them down with the words of GOD which says, "Whatsoever you bind on earth, is bound in heaven". I bind you on earth... and I bind you in heaven... and I bind you down ...command you not to manifest... and give the chains to CHRIST. I command you not to manifest in my life... and ask GOD to keep burning them out until they're gone and to reveal what we must deal with...to remove them.

     I ask you FATHER, in JESUS name, to pour your shekinah glory on those who are cursing us or would try to curse us today... and I ask you to continue pouring on them until they become an abomination to the kingdom of darkness and they accept JESUS as their only LORD and Savior. I ask you to war for us. Amen."



     “In JESUS name I now bind all those spirits, their roots and their blocks... which came in through legal doorways of: Sins Of The Fathers/generational curses/demonic curses/words spoken/soul-ties/ un-godly soul-ties/bitterness & un-forgiveness/ not honoring parents/not honoring GOD/un-godly dedications & oaths... against me, my spouse and  my children... with the chains of CHRIST. Your legal rights have been broken. I break your blocks in JESUS' name... I cut & chop you roots in JESUS' name... and command all of those spirits, roots and blocks to go up to the middle of GOD's chosen waste place... muted ...with the chains of CHRIST until the judgment seat of CHRIST!! YOU HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS!!! YOU MUST GO!!!"

                                                                          **********************END   OF PRAYERS************************



                                                                         ***********ADULT TEACHING AND INFORMATION************



    First, don’t be afraid… if you hear a voice come out of them, they slither on the ground (a Leviathan manifesting) or something else.

    The demons will try to SCARE you so you stop what you are doing. If the person wants free… then go for it. If you decide they REALLY serve darkness and want to be free… just let them go.

Casting out demons from someone who really wants them… will just be worse in the end. 

    There are MANY witches and Satanists who go to churches to infiltrate and try to divide the church. If the anointing/presence of GOD gets strong they may manifest. OR.. in some cases GOD will cause them to manifest just to see what you do. HE does have a sense of humor and HE does want to see if people will TRUST HIM and go into warfare. Will they be a ‘David’ and war… or just give into FEAR and run??


Now, though it is RARE to hit one these things, unless someone was dedicated to Satan in a ritual… IF they start throwing people and things you STILL CAN BIND THEM DOWN IN JESUS’ name…  and quickly say “In JESUS name, I crunch all the armor… and armor demons and entities inside, and outside of this person. I ask you LORD, to have the angels sweep up the ashes and place them into your chosen waste place. Amen” Problem solved.   

     That person MIGHT even want to get saved at that point. Then you will follow the rest of this teaching to get them free.



1) You just say, “All authority in heaven and earth I received from my LORD, JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. I bind you in JESUS name and COMMAND YOU TO TELL ME YOUR RIGHT to stay in this person!” Then it helps of there’s 2 or more people saying in agreement… in unison… I command you in JESUS’ name to tell me your right to stay!” They will relent. DO NOT SHOW FRUSTRATION or FEAR. They will fight more to refuse if they see they MIGHT be able to outlast you. That you might gie up and not be secure in what you are doing.

NOTE: This can take repeated demands. You can also ask it's name and keep asking until it answers. You don't need to immediately in the beginning...  but in the event it is NOT a DEMON but something else...then it won';t come up when you command the demon to come up.

2)  THEN after it gives you the right you say “In JESUS name I bind down this demon, muted, and command it to go down…. And I command ‘BECKY’ to come to the surface in JESUS name. Come to the surface Becky!"  

3)   Then you need to BREAK it's right to be there. So say to Becky (or whoever)… "This demons claims the right to stay based on …An oath you did at a party…etc…”

    Then ask Becky…“Do you want to ask forgiveness and want this entity to leave?”   

    Then…they say “Yes.”

    Then you lead them through a prayer like “Please forgive me FATHER GOD, in JESUS’ name for saying that oath which brought in this entity. I do not want it. Please take it away JESUS.” or "I was given this demon and I did not want it. I am an adult now and nobody has the authority over me to keep the demon in there!"

4) Then you say, “I now bind down Becky, in JESUS name, and command that demon to come forward who is claiming the right to stay. Come forward in JESUS name”

  Note: Don’t scream, just command with authority. Screaming shows panic and fear. Demons aren’t deaf. In fact they hear great. Remember? The words you speak go out into the spirit realm and there is no limit to those words spoken.

  I prefer to use a smile and an attitude of all authority over them. And we do.

  They hate a Christian being secure. PEACE. FAITH. TRUST…in JESUS’ name and authority given to you.

  Then when it's at the surface... say,  ".. so according to the Word of GOD, I have authority over you. You must obey me and you WILL go in JESUS’ name”. 

    He comes forward… you say “Your rights are broken, in JESUS’ name. You have lost legal rights to stay in BECKY! I command you, in JESUS' name, to go to GOD’s chosen waste-place until the judgment seat of CHRIST! GO in JESUS name” Keep saying it until he leaves.

    NOW... if he still refuses to leave ... it MUST have another right.More than one right is NOT unusual.

    You simply say ‘What other right do you have to say? I command you to tell me in JESUS name…” Then badger him until he relents… in JESUS’ name.

    Then repeat steps 2, 3 & 4. Call the person up and get them to renounce/repent.etc…
    There are some deliverance ministries that teach ways to pray that are witchcraft and CURSING those who gave the demons to them!
They say such things as "I command the demons to go back where they came from." That is not specific and it was the other PERSON who sent them.
And along the same lines, "Go back where you came from and attack the person 7 times more than what you were sent to do!"

    WITCHCRAFT! You will likely KILL that person (which is the sin of vengeance and murder) and they will go to HELL forever. You are not judge. GOD is. HE knows if that person might turn from their sins and when they will do it. But you kill them first with their demons. You will be judged for that.
    GOD told me to say 'Send them GOD's chosen waste place until the judgement seat of CHRIST!"
    MANY deliverance ministers just 'cast them out'. So what? You didn't tell them where to go or how long to stay.

 I know of many instances the demons either:
A) Went into someone nearby or in the next room who had open doors for them. In some instances a scream was heard in the next room of a hospital when it entered someone else.
B) And this is what I've seen most... it just waits outside for the person and jumps back on them. 
    If the demons right was sin-based like using pornography... when the person sins and looks at porn.. that demon enters back INSIDE...and calls in MORE DEMONS to reinforce their abode. We see this in the bible:

Matthew 12: 43“When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. 44Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. 45Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.”

Luke 11:24“When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ 25When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. 26Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.”



    Poltergeists are NOT dead people. They are the SONS OF GOD, that was at one time allowed to come through the dimensional doors, opened by those who served Satan, in order to mate with humans and create the giants.

    Fallen Angels/Demons are spirits and CANNOT manifest physically in any way. Fallen angels/demons cannot move tables, make audible noises or any of that. They are spirits.

    Poltergeists can do all those things. They often push people down stairs or other terrible things. There is a number of ways they have doors to come through doorways… BUT they do love to act like they are someone who died in a place. They will appear as a dead person so people will interact with them. Even if in fear.

    Fallen Angels/demons do NOT have sex organs.

    Incubus and Succubus  are STILL coming onto earth, and I’ve ministered to many, MANY women who were being raped at night by unseen VIOLENT entities. Some women (and yes men too) actually see the black hard-shelled entities. Even more terrifying.

    If someone is being raped by an entity, and they are TRULY SAVED… they can say ‘JESUS HELP ME” in their heads and the Incubus will leave… for a little while. But until the doors are permanently closed, it can come back though anytime. A succubus is the female counterpart to the Incubus. Men do not have an issue with being ‘used’ during the night an often just think it was a wild dream.

    The issue with women/men being raped at night by the Incubus, is that it has the ability to BLANK OUT THE MIND. Make them numb to what is happening.

    In other words for years, a woman may wake up bruised, bleeding down below and not realize who it happened. When they get older, this does not work as well, for whatever reason, and they realize what is happening. Just as women contacted me who were having BAD DREAMS of ritual abuse…  but it turned out it was MEMORIES starting to surface that the occult power was losing the ability to block.

Somehow the mind has the ability to work around issues and things become revealed.


    UNDERSTAND that during this rape, the body is UNABLE to move in any way. The victim is PARALYZED until it is done with them. This is why even in the beginning of starting to realize that something is terribly wrong, it seems like just a bad dream. 

      They were a RACE OF BEINGS GOD created before man, but chose to become extremely evil.

GOD saw this and opened another dimension to place them in away from man. When man fell and served murder and darkness, Lucifer/Satan showed them how to open doors. With that hint… do you know who the FIRST person was to open the doorways? Hmmm… the first murderer was…. who?

    These were the SONS OF GOD, who saw the women were beautiful and had sex with them.  GOD sent the flood to rid the earth of those mutant people/entities.

    GOD, after the flood, changed the ‘rules’ to where they cannot any longer pro-create when having sex with humans.

    You must find the doorways, seal them and the problem ends. At some point I will try to post how to locate/close doorways. The short easy way is to get rid of mirrors and reflective items, old family bibles and picture albums. If you want to be safe just place them in 2 black garbage bags until someone with a high level of discernment can come by and verify what they are.

    I have prayers to bless the oil correctly and how to seal the doorways.

    BUT the main doorways are bathroom/bedroom mirrors. Remember the movie POLTERGEIST? Where the thing was heard in the TV? Reflective surface. Many horror movies use some truth of the occult to bring a scary TRUTH to the horror. 

    Just email me if you have this issue that needs dealt with.  [email protected]